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Biota Coffee

We partnered with the small batch, regeneratively grown coffee company Biota before they launched their company. They came to us with their brand pillars in mind but entrusted us with the visual brand direction, strategy, and packaging design.

Rooted in humor, simplicity, and a strong point of view, we designed a spunky brand that celebrates plant forms—specifically spindly bottoms of mushroom tops—to visualize the meaning of the word Biota: “the animal and plant life of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.”

Visual Brand Identity System
Package Design
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Art Direction, Branding, Packaging: Molly O’Neill
Illustrations: Jeff Bartell

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"Working with Fred&Co. was a breeze because they were able to translate our vague cloud of ideas into a coherent design that really captured what we were looking for. It was fun to step back and entrust the design process to Molly and her team because I knew they would bring back quality work."
Zachary Latimore
Co-Founder & Roaster at Biota Coffee