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About Fresh

Fresh Truck, a Boston-based nonprofit, came to us when they had solidified their decision to restructure their organization. They set out to create a parent company that would house programming like Fresh Truck so their offerings could grow and evolve to better serve their community.

We created a system-wide parent company brand that would compliment Fresh Truck’s existing visuals, as well as a brands for their new programs. We continue to design additional materials with the About Fresh team to showcase the work they are doing while making sure the brand stays consistent.

Creative Direction
Visual Brand Identity System
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Art Direction, Branding, Design: Molly O’Neill
Branding: McKenna Shuster
Infographic Design: Josh Svoboda
Microsite Design & Accessibility: Natalie Duerr
Motion Graphics Video: Gabi Homonoff
Photography: Victoria Romulo

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"We were led through an in-depth creative process to share our vision that was effective and efficient. Their communication and organization meant the world to a small team with modest resources made up of non-designers. We came away with a product that made us and our communities proud."
Josh Trautwein
About Fresh Co-Founder & CEO